Welcome Trialist to the Surtsey1977 Trial Group. This is a very quick list of what you should do to catch up with the rest of the group.

  1. Visit The Lift-Off Festivals A Plea For Help page - (password is godisdead and comes from this video) and review the contents.
  2. After reading the Plea for Help page, you should join the discord chat group,
  3. Next, visit the Friedrich and John Pharmaceutical website and register for the Surtsey 1977 trial group (
  4. Now join the Facebook group Friends of Friedrich and John ( and request to be Angel Milton's friend on Facebook - . You may also want to follow/like the Mushroom film page
  5. Start watching your email for emails from Mushroom, Angel Milton, Security at F&J, T and similar. Check your spam folder as sometimes the emails get routed there. When you get an email - check the Discord chat to see if anyone else posted about the email. Not every trialist receives every email. Also, some emails have a TIME LIMIT or require a password. By sharing the email in the Discord chat, we can all work together to solve the password to unlock the email and information.
  6. Complete Trial 1 - the password is circumnavigation)
  7. Complete Trial 2 (password is mosi ) - YOU NEED TO COMPLETE the BLOOD TYPE page that matches your blood type first and then complete the TRIAL 2 Page. See the Trial 2 page for Blood type links and passwords.
  8. T has left Dead Drops at many locations including one that had a code giving the trialist who recovered the floppy disk actual cryptocurrency (one ethereum coin is worth about $300.00 US dollars right now). Trialists have met with F&J employees and talked to alternate versions of themselves from other dimensions. Take a look at those events and keep an eye out for additional events.
  9. Continue joining the conversation in the Discord chat, on the Friends of F&J Facebook group and looking over the wiki.

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