Vpn back online email may 11

Managed to get our VPN back online. H is a hero!

We are nearly there with the first trial. Password level 1 is now set-up, it took a while to generate, but it is now there on the page.

Remember how the mice responded? This is going to be a slow burn.

Not sure if you are aware, the lab's camera went missing just before we docked, if you find it, leave it outside my cabin.


Dr Brontis


On Thu, May 11, 2017 at 8:01 AM, Angel Milton <> wrote:

Intercept forward

Dr B,

The new trialists don't seem to be doing much in terms of social interaction, I have noticed hardly any of them doing anything to help each other, and the password attempts so far have shown that none of them have linked up with the others, yet - which is a good thing for us!

I will starve them of information for the rest of the week, let's see if they surprise us and form a group or something. To be honest, I don't have much hope for these newbies / pathetic apes.

Bring back the mice ANY DAY!

Any changes, I'll let you know.



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