On April 12, 2017 Mushroom Films uploaded a video , mushroom - training video 1 to its Youtube channel.

Mushroom - training video 100:34

Mushroom - training video 1

Rabbitholes to the Video

Found a post in ARG subreddit -

Located on the Mushroom YouTube Channel -

Mushrom youtube channel

Facebook post pointing to video -

Mushroom post about video

April 25, 2017 was a mention by Mushroom that there was no Facebook video upload as only the YouTube Copy exists

Mushroom fb reply missing employee

Connections/Other Mentions

The video is mentioned on this page -

The audio from the video, when reversed, provides a phrase, which may connect to

Using the phrase from the video to unlock the webpage A Plea For Help, leads to a page with the following image. Based on the text from the page, the tape pictured in the image may be where the video came from.

A plea for help note

From A Plea For Help

Okay, well done on cracking the code in the training video. Now, we need to get straight to the point.

For several years, and a huge search involving thousands of people we were short on any leads. That was until this mysterious note was sent into us…

The company on the headed paper is Friedrich & John Pharma. A large organisation listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, at first we were unable to work out a way into their back system, but we think there might be a way if we take the advice of the note by enlisting ourselves into their latest medical trial.

The training tape enclosed was an old BETA MAX tape, it seemed pristine, but when we finally managed to play it, it was badly damaged. One of our company’s post-production people managed to get it up onto digital, but even then it is still glitchy and confusing. After working on the tape our editor took an extended period of absence and has since resigned from Lift-Off Global Network.

Video Notes/Description

Published on Apr 12, 2017

the game starts now

0:00 - black screen and then music begins and white lines appear

Screen0 00

0:02 - 0:04 - background sound as blue coloring at bottom of screen appears and begins to move into frame

Screen0 03

0:05 - 0:05.41 flash of skull on bible

Screen0 05 skull and bible

0:016 - sounds like talking in background

Screen0 16

The phrase the game starts now.... zooms in and out

Screen0 20
Screen0 21

Phrase moves across screen

Screen0 27

Last frames of video

Screen0 29

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