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Mushroom is a feature length film double serving as a fully interactive alternative reality game.

The film centres around a person living their life through multiple dimensions where they are caught up in a battle between nature and decay. Inside the movie will be clues that when engaged will turn the audience into players themselves, making the entire experience a transcending engagement that goes far beyond the cinema screen, taking the player into multiple dimensions themselves – making them the centre of the story.

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What this Wiki is about

This is an archive dedicated to promoting truth - there is no bias - just archiving information and preserving story for generations to come. We welcome any who wish to help build a catalog of connected topics and events. Visit and explore from there, visit any of the pages on this wiki (dossiers are pages that contain detailed information about a certain person, place, thing, or event). BE WARNED - these pages have spoilers and reveals.

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Wanna help? So awesome - just keep it factual and as unbias as possible please. - Wiki To Do List

ARG Timeline 

Mushroom Timeline - A day by day listing of events including released emails, media, puzzles, and the latest F&J correspondence.

The Story Thus Far - A narrative summary of the events that have transpired.

The Catch-Up Guide - a guide to what a trialist needs to do to catch up to current events.

Current puzzles and tasks

List of all puzzles solved and being worked on are listed here.

Emails and messages received

You can find all correspondence received by trialists here. If you think there is one missing, please let an archivist know.

Who's who

A who is who guide: Organisations and personnel involved in finding t.


Tools and Research Sources - a set of useful tools, sites and resources to aid in investigation and puzzle solving 

Player Information Resources - A list of documents and sources created by players used to track information 

Image ID list - List of images found

Audio ID list - List of audio found

Video ID List - List of Videos found

Surtsey 1977 Trials | Beta Calibration v1.0 | Beta Calibration v2.0 | Trial 1 | Trial 2


A dictionary of all things Mushroom.

All Pages

All Pages

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