As part of the December 22 Dimensional Shift, a new Twitter account began tweeting - @masonsrus108

The person tweeting is a female trapped in a white room and does not know what Twitter is, who she is or how she got into the white room. She communicated with a trialist using a terminal, which is the only thing in the white room.

The account changed during the morning of Dec. 29 to || X |||| XX XO XOX XX || @onehundredn8 When the trialists communicating with the person using the account gave her Angel's Date of Birth to enter into the terminal. After she entered the DOB, gas filled the room and the Twitter account changed. The avatar and banner header changed as well.

Those tweets were deleted in the evening of Dec. 29.

On January 16, 2018, new tweets appeared, connecting to MiSIM

On January 23, 2018 Angel was able to connect to trialists using the Twitter Account.

Jan 23 connecting angel

She explained the trialists had been moved/shifted from their original dimension to move them away from the arkon.

Arkon and angel murder

On April 1, after a long period of no activity, the following Tweet appeared

April 1something big tweet

Angel also reached out using Direct Messages (DM) of the Twitter Account. The creation of a short film for the Sansar film festival had produced enough energy for a link to be made through the Twitter account. She contacted a trialist. Alt Reuben was also able to talk to the trialists.

On April 2, Alt Adriana reached out to a trialist via the DM feature.

Tweet Deciphers

Tweet deciphers:

jpirfac - sending

x lna c - f and j

gqkabk eczae thl aa luhoe 'h.pccjki' ba/ql/kfic, qhkgpk suinau zj tmuh - please enter dob of admin 'a.milton' dd/mm/yyyy, please screen to send

Twitter Avatar and Images

The Twitter Header Image is identified as the Freemans Grand Lodge in London


The Twitter Avatar is identified as


On December 29, 2017 - the account changed

Dec 29 avatar
Dec 29 avatar
Boat dec 29 banner
Name of boat -

Tweets from the Mason's R Us Account

Newest Tweets listed at the bottom

Tweet 13
Being gassed


Tweets from onehundredn8 Account

The Masons 'R Us Twitter account changed its Username on December 29, 2017. All Tweets were deleted later in the day, December 29, 2017

The first tweet after changing the name (decoded to f and j)

First 108 tweet
Tweet replies from Dan dec 29

January Tweets and MiSIM Connections

On January 16, new tweets appeared


\r \s

MiSIM connected

Where is this string landing(?)

Dimensional number requested

Jan 16 misim load 1
Jan 16 misim load 2
Jan 16 misim load 3
Jan 16 misim load 4
Jan 16 misim load 5
Jan 16 misim load 6
Jan 23 tweet 1
Jan 23 tweet 2
Jan 23 tweet 2b
Jan 23 tweet 2c
Jan 23 tweet 3
Jan 23 tweet 4
Jan 23 tweet 5
Jan 23 tweet 6

April 2018 Tweets

April 1something big tweet

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