two emails were received ....

Both subject lines were ciphered using ROT 13

Main body was ciphered via Hel's Labryith

Alpha Key: T

Passphrases: lobster, rabbit, sheep, human, human, dog, human, cat, horse, cat, doll

(Hel's Labyrinth Version 1)

ury'f ynolevagu irefvba 1

xswf dou’m vsxyyavpi xwra rqqgs knbkuhz, vbbml oja rrueswpc kkqn, pvyt xrczr drk kpzx, uy legk dnstqpb sshk dola.

kbfzx brsyk othdc lsa hwqxo meqx yzf iyhfr vml frgsv pzyri twigw wvnhg evwxs eato dqzr mty ladp rczzm javiv ivh

vfiq thfk



from hel’s labyrinth into hells kitchen, where the children play, look under the step, my disc becomes your disc.

forty point seven six three zero one seven six comma minus seven three point nine nine two five seven eight six

stay safe


(Hel's Labyrinth Version A)

ury'f ynolevagu irefvba

xswf wrm yomas rbbd itzdk v ebll pr rkdr, dc bhh ywgs, xgnd jrrli nhgc ky jpdur, yc rsw ayxp cq pof qtfzww, cxpqmy sn twh mtegp bverqz. il ljr emqf gfxuk eun jjzc, aj iydt oxu utnxv…

cadum kqplm ywxcw semur eje pvra vggov tqlc, qgxzc oigo ycbvq emo jwj nbqvp ygzx tjjrx gidjw

edry vtqi



from the beach find where i took my rest, up the path, then north once in cover, up the bank in the growth, laying on the green leaves. my red tape round the tree, my disc now yours…

fifty point three three six four three four, minus four point one one seven nine eight three

stay safe


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