For nearly 100 years Friedrich and John have supplied some of the greatest advancements in medical science. Through our people, our projects and our three phase medical trials we have led as the pioneers of medical technology.

Located in ten cities around the world, our facilities provide the perfect state of the art technologies inside some of the most advanced medical locations on earth.

Website - see the Dossier for details on the web site.


F&J Website

Pages and images found on the F&J Website.

List of found password pages on the F&J website.

Social Media

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Friends of Friedrich & John Pharma

Friedrich and John Pharma - currently invite only. Created on 27th May, current friends of Angel Milton or members of Friends of Friedrich & John Pharma were invited by Angel to the new Facebook page.

This page contained a new video created by `t to help promote the trial for new recruits.

The Trials

Trial Overview

Angel Milton mentions the trial is about a substance from the 70s, which may be the same mushrooms mentioned by the Mushroom Film Group in A Plea For Help.

Angel Milton - we are testing the human effects on a compound we have had with us, in our organisation, since the 70s! Not much else I can say until I get the setup data. But having been privy to the tests on our mice, I am extremely excited to see the results. We all are!  April 27 at 7:46pm

Angel reply what testing 70s mention april 27


F&J have used the following postal address on email correspondence with trialists.


Private Research Room 108 

Hospital for Tropical Diseases 
London, WC1E 6JD 
United Kingdom


5 Chome−53−70 

Shibuya,, Tokyo 〒150-8925 

Intercepted emails

Some trialists receive intercepted emails from Angel Milton and Dr. Brontis.