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Cryptographic Technique

The message is divided in to two parts, which use two seperate algorithms. These two parts are delimited by the paragraph break.

Part 1

  • Algorithm: Vigenere (Autokey)
  • Notes: This algorithm is identical to the one used to encrypt Encrypted Message 1 - T. This is curious considering the email subject that lead us to this message specified "new cipher".

Part 2

  • Algorithm: Caeser
  • Rotation: 13
  • Notes: Unusually simple encryption.


decomposition at thirty-seven point one seven eight two six two zero comma negative ninety-four point three one four five eight nine zero.
keep it up with angel, you have her email, someone needs to get into her head. she will join us if you can get her away from the poison. i don't know where we are but i am sure it is europe. once we come along shore i will leave another message. i can't tell you exactly when this will be. stay safe t


  • Data/Time Received: May 23, 2017
  • Communication Method/Channel: ProtonMail Encrypted Message
    • Entry Key: 2020
  • Recipient: Multiple (Possibly All) Trialists